Agile Coach Camp NL

Agile Coach Camp is a two-day-getting-together with experienced Agile coaching enthusiasts, exchanging ideas, learning and sharing, coaching and being coached. Two wonderful, inspiring days for those who consider themselves to be experienced agile coaches, seasoned scrum masters or change consultants. And while everybody brings their experience with them, everybody brings a piece of the puzzle.

The event is cost neutral

NeutralAgile Coach Camp is a community effort, run as a non-commercial, low-cost event and every ticket sale pays hotel arrangement, food, drinks and stationary for the attendees. In addition sponsors are financially supporting the event, making it possible to attend for all with passion for changing the world in small steps.


A limit of 50 attendees
It probably seems harsh, but having an attendance constraint enables a small, intimate event where attendees can connect and forge long term associations.

An open space format
The agile coach camps around the world adopt the Open Space approach for “un-conferences” as a means to enable the participants to determine the topics that they are most passionate about and want to explore further with their peers.

open space